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They have other cool flavors too, like strawberry, and I think rootbeer?

Homemade Chocolate Bars – 3 Ingredients

Among others:. You could easily make your own flavored Stevia. Just buy regular Stevia and add drops of Candy flavoring until its the flavor you want. Also, rosemary or sage. Also, dried lavender and some Earl Grey ground up tea leaves. How delicious! I need to get my paws on some of those drops! Or do the same with coconut butter. Or any other fruit jam. Endless possibilities…. Omigosh, I never thought about making my own chocolate but I love how you can make it healthy and sugar free! Must try this asap! Recipe wise, sea salt or nuts or heath bar would all be amazing!!

As far as recipe organization, I keep hearing great things about bloggers using RECIpage, although I have no experience with it.

Chocolate recipes

I got bored once so I decided to check out Recipage. I just tried it and it works fine. I love making my own chocolate! What about something with caramel? Thanks for keeping your site so user friendly and awesome! These bars look great and we all probably have everything! Maybe something with strawberries? I have tons of those.

See a Problem?

And maybe some coffee flavor too! I was wondering where this recipe went!

With the addition of a touch of cayenne and cinnamon. Also orange-cardamom mocha sounds good! With orange zest or extract, fresh ground cardamom and instant espresso powder. Always wins, as well. I did see the original post and pix………. I had recently tried it when looking through the older recipes, it is so tasty!

I vote for some spicy, chili flavoured ones!!! I too think orange extract would be really good. Or maybe almond?? I wonder if some peanut butter could be added for either a second layer or mixed in. Yours look like real chocolate bars though! Do you know what would be awesome?

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars - 3 Ingredient Dessert

Molds are available for everything under the sun. If you are in a hurry you can just type candy mold suppliers in your search engine and many will come up. Check your phone book for candy making suppliers they may have the hershey kiss mold in stock both the large kiss as well as the small kiss and maybe a medium.

This time of year Valentines Day is a really good time to find them available. I think I need to make a trip to the cake-decorating store in Richardson Texas. It is the bomb diggity, I am also thinking about trying it with Maple Syrup sweetener and a little Maple Syrup extract. I love the simplicity of this recipe! Hi katie! I just made it!! Way good! Try using Recipage.

Homemade Brownie Recipe

And they just added a new tool that lets you embed the recipe into your post with share links. But yummmmmy!!! Well, aside from plain chocolate, peanut butter and chocolate is my all time fave…. Or what about a chocolate and cream swirl? I mean, make your own sugar free chocolate! Amazing kudos to you!!! I really think just adding chopped peanuts would make it divine! As always, Katie, awesome job on the recipe! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Snow has showed up here in Seattle! Katie, I just made these for my husband and I and they turned out fabulously! I mixed up a little bit of pb frosting peanut butter, agave, almond milk for the tops and it totally took it over the edge. And so quick and easy. I wanted to reply that I knew… and that I hated it too!

29 of the Easiest Dessert Recipes -

They look great! I actually made these with Earth Balance butter as I am allergic to coconut, and they turned out quite well. Oh believe me… I still saw this recipe and whipped it up shortly afterward. Get the recipe: Mince pie fudge. Everyone loves creamy vanilla fudge, which is why it's a guaranteed hit for homemade presents. Make your own homemade version of the sweet shop classic with just 6 ingredients. Once you see how easy it is to put together you'll be making it at every opportunity - it's perfect to stash away in the cupboard as a little treat because it lasts for so long!

Get the recipe: Creamy vanilla fudge. Chocolate and hazelnuts make a heavenly combination and friends will love you for giving them these indulgent Nutella truffles, but make sure to keep some for yourself! The crunchy coating adds texture while the centre is smooth and so delicious - definitely a homemade chocolate that you'll be making again and again.

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Get the recipe: Nutella truffles. Sweet, crunchy and an old classic - honeycomb tastes great on its own or with cream as a fun twist on dessert. If you're giving it as a gift, don't worry about breaking it in even chunks as the rough shards are all part of its homemade charm. You could even wrap up a whole slab to give to your lucky recipient so they can break it up themselves - it's all part of the fun of it. Get the recipe: Honeycomb. Turkish delight makes for a fab food gift and your friends be even more impressed when they've realised you've made it yourself.

Wrap the pretty pink cubes in cellophane and tie with festive ribbon. Although the classic flavour is a slightly perfumed rose you can actually use lots of different oils and essences to make all different ones - try peppermint or orange for a bit of a change. Get the recipe: Turkish delight. These peppermint slices are a childhood classic well overdue a revival. They're really easy to make with the kids too, if you need a fun kitchen activity for rainy days. If you're thinking of making them as a gift then we suggest making double, because you're guaranteed to want some yourself once they're finishes.

Get the recipe: Peppermint slice. Shop-bought truffles can be pricey. Have a go at making your own festive chocolate snowball truffles instead. We've got a really easy video to follow to make sure you nail the step by step every time, giving your perfect homemade chocolates to give to your family and friends for the next special occasion you have coming up.

Recipes to make: Get the recipe: Chocolate truffle snowballs. You can store them in the fridge but they may lose their shine. Present in a gift box, just like shop-bought chocolates or pop in a see through gift bag. These retro raspberry coconut ice cubes only take 20 minutes to make and are a must-try if you've never made your own before.