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The quince gives the rakija a nice yellow colour and is very decorative. I prepare quince compote to my very own recipe I use to make compote containing other fruit. First I peel the quince and slice it, then I add a slice of lemon and cinnamon stick. The quince is then cooked in a mixture composed of two thirds of water and one third of sugar. They also serve quince rakija. Autumn - the dawning of the age of quinces Author: Croatia Gourmet, November Back in the day quince was an indispensible fruit when preparing winter stocks and homemade sweets.

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The sorrow of the Christian, however, must be different from the hopeless sorrow of the world 1 Thes. We weep—not because our believing loved ones have gone to heaven—but because they have left us and we miss them.

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When Mary looked into the sepulcher, she saw two men in white. Their position at either end of the shelf where the body had been lying makes us think of the cherubim on the mercy seat Ex.

My Son has paid the price for sin, and the way is open into the presence of God! The brief conversation neither dried her tears nor quieted her mind. She was determined to find the body of Jesus. Why did Mary turn back and not continue her conversation with the two strangers? Did she hear a sound behind her? Or did the angels stand and recognize the presence of their Lord?

Perhaps both of these speculations are true or neither is true. Why did she not recognize the One for whom she was so earnestly searching? Jesus may have deliberately concealed Himself from her, as He would later do when He walked with the Emmaus disciples Luke It was still early and perhaps dark in that part of the garden. Her eyes were probably blinded by her tears as well. He did not rebuke her; tenderly, He revealed Himself to her. All He had to do was to speak her name, and Mary immediately recognized Him.

His sheep hear [recognize] His voice and He calls them by name John Apparently Mary had turned away from Jesus, for when He spoke her name, she had to turn back to look at Him again. What a blessed surprise it was to see the face of her beloved Master! In later years, the Jews recognized three levels of teachers: rab the lowest , rabbi, and rabboni the highest. Mary not only spoke to Him, but she grasped His feet and held on to Him. This was a natural gesture: now that she had found Him, she did not want to lose Him. She and the other believers still had a great deal to learn about His new state of glory; they still wanted to relate to Him as they had done during the years of His ministry before the cross.

Jesus permitted the other women to hold His feet Matt.

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One reason was that she would see Him again because He had not yet ascended to the Father. He remained on earth for forty days after His resurrection and often appeared to the believers to teach them spiritual truth Acts Mary had no need to panic; this was not her last and final meeting with the Lord. A second reason is that she had a job to do—to go tell His brethren that He was alive and would ascend to the Father. This meant that they shared His resurrection power and glory.

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Some students feel that Jesus did return to the Father on that morning, and that was the ascension He was referring to; but no other New Testament passage corroborates this interpretation. To say that He was fulfilling the symbolism of the Day of Atonement and presenting the blood to the Father is, I think, stretching a type too far Lev. What more could He do? He reminded Mary and the other believers that God was their Father and that He would be with the Father in heaven after His ascension. Though it was the same Jesus, only in a glorified body, it was not quite the same relationship.

He is today the exalted Son of God in glory, and we must honor Him as such. She arose and went to where the disciples were gathered and gave them the good news that she had seen Jesus alive. Mark reports that these believers were mourning and weeping—and that they would not believe her! Mark Mary herself had been weeping, and Jesus had turned her sorrow into joy.

If they had believed, their sorrow would also have turned to joy. Unbelief has a terribly deadening effect on a person.

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Mary not only shared the fact of His resurrection and that she had seen Him personally, but she also reported the words that He had spoken to her. Again, we see the importance of the Word of God. Mary could not transfer her experience over to them, but she could share the Word; and it is the Word that generates faith Rom. The living Christ shared His living Word 1 Peter It is good to have faith that is based on solid evidence, but the evidence should lead us to the Word, and the Word should lead us to the Savior.

It is one thing to accept a doctrine and defend it; it is something else to have a personal relationship to the living Lord. Peter and John believed that Jesus was alive, but it was not until that evening that they met the risen Christ in person along with the other disciples.

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Evidence that does not lead to experience is nothing but dead dogma. The key is faith in the Word of God.

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Robert W. Living as really as I myself am? Christ is living! Dale had known and believed this doctrine for years, but the reality of it overwhelmed him that day. Your eternity hangs on the answer o this question, so you need the right answer. But how can you be sure? Can you be sure? We all were born with sin.

We were born under the power of sin's control. The wages of sin is death It results in death. Masefield has got a fine power of words, the ability to put together a stupendous sailing narrative.

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His is a total knowledge of the world of clippers; you are in the middle of it, plunging wet, cold, dangerous back into that longboat again. It's like that black shark that hounds the clinker-built, and soon enough you know, along with the sixteen sailors, that after a few days, the lack of water will get to you. The old salt, Kemble, says of his previous time adrift on the sea, "We were four days before we got ashore somewhere on the East of Cape Horn, and eleven days living there on shell-fish and sea-weeds and trash. But the thirst before we got ashore was the thing that killed us.

We chewed buttons, and the eyelets from a sail we had.