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The audience of her dreams were usually hollow lifeless images doing whatever it is they were wont to do.

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Sentience and interaction wasn't suppose to happen. Being told by the man in question that he's coming for her couldn't get more ominous. If not for the tendency of her prophecies to have become about staving off her death, then the chilling recognition in the eyes of the sentient man could've been taken to various meanings. The salient question being savior or accuser.

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Perhaps this is why the vision of her upcoming hanging felt somehow different. Awaking from prophecies was always harder, its a defining feature that permits her to distinguish vision from dream. But waking up on this occasion wasn't nearly as hard. The screech in her throat instantaneously replaces the snapping of the gallow's rope. In coming to the conclusion that they must know, she decides that restoring her mother's honour would have to wait.

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Irrespective of the ramifications of halting the purpose of why she'd been sent away from everything she had ever known, she couldn't achieve anything if she was dead. Awaking her sleeping best friend in the bed opposite hers, she decides to put into play the preparations that were designed to carry her to safety.

A kingdom of the sort where dragons frequent the skies to unfurl and stretch their wings, enraptured in their innate ability to fly. Where castles and guards, princesses and ladies-in-waiting walk the corridors.

In the kingdom of Dragonia the former and latter are often one and the same. Dragon shifters capable of taking either form have chosen to give up the life of ruling from caves over the mountains they've claimed.

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In order to enjoy the pleasures of flight and to harness the lifestyles and pleasures of living as humans do, they partake in the labors of both beast and humankind. So whilst Rowen does indeed have a gift, its not the one she wishes for most. No matter how hard she tries she isn't able to do what she covets most.

She's down everything she can think of to release her wings or her dragon form. She has the wounds to show just how far she'd been willing to go to make it happen. Inevitably though, her half-blood nature hasn't bestowed what her mother's bloodline should've given her, had her father's bloodline been the same. Instead her father's bloodline must've given her the magic in her soul. But in Dragonia magic could get you killed or imprisoned, because the dragon shifters have made it illegal.

Captain Elian Westin of the Wandering Star isn't the sort to care about killing. He has taken too many lives to count, and passed out punishments long and short. Its the inconvenience of how dirty it can get you that causes his lips to sneer. But his crew knew before they ever became involved what sort of loyalty he commands. They're given an out before ever needing one. Once they come aboard his ship as pirates, they're bound by their oaths whether on land or water. In for a penny, in for a pound. There's no true leaving on his ship, you kept quiet or you got dead.

He makes no excuse and doesn't even feel the need to hide in dark allies the murder he's just committed. Be it in the close confines of a pirate ship at sail or in front of an inn's customers or barkeep, its all the same to Elian. There's also much more to the man, given soon after this latest murder he takes in an enormous breath, devouring the blackened soul of his latest victim.

A scribe and memory recorder, Cook had done a poor job at both. He'd spoken to the wrong people and so he was being brought to measure. Now he'd obviously opened his trap one too many times, and so he'd earnt his captain's final displeasure.

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Brooking no sensibilities, it is somewhat surprising that a man can do what he's just done, only to be put off by the dead man's loosening bowels. Once the soul has finally severed it's ties, the body releases the last of it's tension.

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  • The smell surely can't be any worse than places such as the bilge of his ship. For that matter it couldn't be any worse than the putrid smell of the docks. Riddled with the smell of rotting fish and sludge as they're heated by the rising and warming sun, its hard to imagine that one dead man's crap could be worse.

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    Admittedly he probably has people who are paid scrippance, little more than hammock and board plus the smallest percentage of loot. Its not the captain who has to deal with the bilge's smell but still, it does seem like it's something he'd expect and long ago having gotten use to it. A soul collector who makes money from pirated goods, he needs both for the payment of a prophet divining what his heart seeks most. With only half of a map completed he needs to know where to go and what to do, if he ever hopes to fill in the blanks leading to his little red dragon. Two separate people intricately entwined by way of the fates.

    One seems to go where the other unknowingby needs to go. Could it be that it's who and not what they seek that matters the most. Chasing different things they may each require the other if their goals are to be met. If one of the two prophecies holds true, remembering that prophecies are only ever as accurate as they are when they're given, then Withrae is the place of fate. As the capital of Dragonia its where dragon royalty resides. Regarding the second it seems its possible that it's still in play.

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    Rowen altered her plans to leave, plans intended to prevent it from happening. In a vague manner it could be that the second prophecy has provided clues suggesting Elian could be the man coming for Rowan, and that Rowen could be one of two bounties of his own prophecy. Two very different people from very different backgrounds leading lives influenced by prophecy. One is her own prophet granted visions intended as a map to navigate her environments in the manner that is to keep her safe. She's never considered or had prophecies designed for an other person.

    The other has magical abilities but not the sort he seeks.

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    • He instead collects the resources necessary to pay for a prophet to divine about the thing his heart seeks. Both hold the knowledge of prophecies that inevitably relate to a map Two people each with magic living lifestyles that are inherently risky on the sheer basis of where they are and what they do there.

      Each environment, as dangerous as the next. Its only that one would be easily recognised as such by those looking on. The other is assumed to be the lap of luxury, elegance and indulgence. Where any other than the experienced and educated in that life would recognise the danger that hides behind the masks of civility and nobility. One acts on the prophecies because of desire and greed, living a lifestyle free from the obligations and adherence to the moral and legal rules of citizenship. The other acts out of obligations to the people close to her, but those who still have greed and desires their own.

      Only time will tell which is the one that faces the greatest dangers. If one ignores or fails to act in accordance with the prophecies then they'll miss the thing they want. The other's failures lead to the much more final errors that are those which bring death. Between the two are histories unknown and other's unrecognised. They each know more than either is telling.

      They are each intricately woven into the fabric of destiny and fate, in ways neither is aware of. As with most tales of intrigue and mystery there's also those acting in silence, anonymity and collusion. The work from the shadows of lies in ways that neither of the obvious parties could've guessed at. For every immeasurable question and answer, more is unknown then what is known. Each answer often leads to as many, or more, questions arising than there were before the latest answer was obtained. Until the final pathway of everything happening and unknown rolls toward it's foregone conclusion, only the masterminds will have more answers than questions.

      They might think they have all the information needed to manipulate and to predict, but they might fail to take into account the age old proverb of the truth shall set you free. In truly reaching absolute freedom its possible for puppets to cut their strings. It's then that they're able to act with impunity; which is the state from whence the puppets can do the absolutely last expected maneuver, because every choice that came before was only ever predictable because they didn't know more.

      Its probably that the biggest reason why the success of puppeteers is limited to only the times when they control the flow of knowledge. Intrigue and mystery are the most obvious and evident aspects of the storyline in this first book of the Dragon Born Trilogy, Half-Blood Drsgon. In revealing the plot there's a steady pace that keeps each chapter and page moving toward the enlightenment of knowing what's going on. Characters have the trickiest qualities making it hard to determine friend from foe, heroes and heroines from villains.

      And the more complicated cases where they're both. The people who you love to hate and those you hate to love.