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The podcasts average twenty-five minutes long and are voiced and produced by Stackpole. The podcasts are free and require no subscription, but older episodes have been retired and are no longer available on the main archive. Stackpole is also one of the main hosts on The Dragon Page Cover to Cover , a book review and interview show dealing mainly with fantasy and sci fi publications, together with Michael R. Skepticism Stackpole has been the executive director of the Phoenix Skeptics since and is listed as the contact for the group in the magazine Skeptical Inquirer.

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Healy was named Stackpole. Catalyst Game Labs in June announced Mr. Stackpole would be publishing new Core Line - Battletech novel in This author page uses material from the Wikipedia article "Michael A. Chronological List. Alphabetical List. Available Only List.

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I was about halfway through AGE when Frank called. He started dancing around the subject of whether or not the bad guy, Fiddleback, was going to die at the end of the novel. And later, after AGE had been turned in, Frank called and suggested we just make the whole thing a trilogy. Writing that third book, Evil Triumphant , turned out to be an interesting challenge. In each book the threat to Earth escalated. In this third volume, I needed another Dark Lord to make a double- or triple- or quadruple-cross work. I also recall John C.

That got me thinking and, again through luck, the solution to allowing the title to be true, and the book to be true to its genre made itself apparent. These books have a bunch of inside jokes about Arizona and politics or events back in the s. Charles Goyette, the radio host mentioned in Evil Triumphant , is still on the air here. I was able to write it in to ET and was able to hand him the book only four months later, which tickled him no end. To purchase The Fiddleback Trilogy Omnibus , click on the link and go to my store. Still one of my favorites.

What a lovely coincidence! I re-read Evil Triumphant just a few days ago! Since I bought the trilogy in the nineties when I ran a Dark Conspiracy campaign which they greatly influenced, by the way , they have been a favourite of mine. Nice to hear about some of the in-jokes. The books certainly have some memorable characters.

In fact, I still name all my personal computers after characters from this trilogy! Hey, everyone and their grandmother names computers after Lord of the Rings, I chose another favourite. But Neal's victory began a genocidal There is no place he would rather be. Then t Pygmalion pointed his index finger at one scout like a child making a gun from his hand. His thumb fell once, and the scout crumbled to dust. A second twitch, and a scout evaporated; a third, and a scout burst into flames. Pygmalion gestured one last Tycho Caine is a man with a mission.

He's sure of that. But, waking up in a body bag with amnesia, he's not sure of much else. Except that someone wants him dead The time is the near future. The place is Phoenix, Arizona. The streets are roofed The Clan invaders have chosen their next objective--Luthien, capital of the Draconis Combine. House Kurita must now fight for survival on its homeworld. Hanse Davion is presented with a situation From beyond the Periphery comes a threat. A military force of unknown origin.

Their power, speed, and ferocity are unparalleled. Some of the finest warriors and ablest units have challenged them an Maximillian Liao's realm crumbles around him, yet within the madman's court, his two faithful advisors plot Hanse Davion's For, over years, war, petty hatreds, and slowly failing technology have halted all attempts to unify the Inner Sphere.

Five Successor States, splintered remnants of the great Star League, now struggle for control. But all that will soon change Melissa Steiner, heir-apparent of the Lyran Commonw6alth, has been hijacked aboard her interstellar JumpShip, just when her secret betrothal to Prince Hanse Davion of the Federated Suns would cement the most powe From Book 1: They are coming! From beyond the periphery comes a threat. A military force of unkown origin.

Nothin we have can stop them. Their power, speed and ferocity are unparalleled. Some of the finest warriors and ablest units have challenged We use cookies to ensure the best user experience at FictionDB. By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies per our User Agreement. Michael A. Stackpole Book Lists Michael A.

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Book List: 71 titles. Time Traveled Tales, vol. Looks Are Deceiving. The New World. The Age of Discovery Trilogy - 3. The Age of Discovery Trilogy - 2. A Secret Atlas. The Age of Discovery Trilogy - 1. The Grand Crusade. The Dragoncrown War Cycle - 3. Ghost War.

Battletech Mechwarrior: Dark Age - 1. When Dragons Rage. The Dragoncrown War Cycle - 2. Fortress Draconis.

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The Dragoncrown War Cycle - 1. The Dark Glory War. Isard's Revenge.

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