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They don't want this person to try to tell them what to do or explain things to them because she has absolutely no idea what's really going on with him. He is going through things that person can't relate to at all and is trying to find himself and doesn't need her help. Then the next verse He's given up on it completely now, the person just doesn't get it. He just goes around talking to people now, and it doesn't really matter who. And this nothing means so much, it's horrible.

Losing me, Finding Me

Then, again, she doens't pick up on what he's going through. She doesn't notice when he's trying to reach out and tell her but can't, she's just off having fun with other people. Talking to her is stupid, it's all been said before. Now, they're talking again, he's hearing something, but he wishes she'd just say more She's not on the same level as him.

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It's going off again, the relationship is falling apart. He's trying to just hold on, but she's going off in his mind, going down This song is word for word what my boyfriend Max was like. It's kinda shocking how much it describes it.

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General Comment i absolutely agree with garbojen on how ppl think they know what's best for u. General Comment I agree with garbojen and narsil General Comment same.

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General Comment I love this song General Comment man this song describes me and my gf rt now and its just so perfectly articulated. Nemo looks forward to having this journey with you. He loves creating nerdy fan art, drinking coffee , eating spicy food, and memes. Let Nemo know what you think of the show, and join the conversation by submitting a question or comment about the upcoming or current topics, or leave a message at Moorhead, MN All donations made will be sent a tax deductible receipt and email updates of the progress of the project.

Losing me, Finding Me By Cynthia M. Spencer MBA MDiv

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The Summit Center for Mental Health. Finding M. Mindful Eating.

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Do you eat more when you are bored, lonely, sad or upset? Do you eat less when you are engaged, active and happy? We are in the midst of an epidemic of obesity and its consequences.