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If you are a golf or fitness professional and would like an article published on GolfCentralDaily please get in touch. It's completely free and a great way of advertizing your business and site to two million viewers per year. Email me at examinerspindoc at eircom. Technorati Tags: Mental , golf , professional and amateur. Margarets and Harrington Golf. To book a session call John on When most golfers practice, they focus on hitting shots. But putting accounts for so many shots during a round, it should not be overlooked. Before you start mark a three feet circle around the hole with tees or coins.

Come back about 30 feet from the hole and with five balls, practice putting to within the three foot circle. With your first ball learn the line, get the feel, use your eyes. When you have hit all five balls, count how many are within the circle. Then do the same drill from the opposite side of the hole. Practicing this drill regularly will greatly improve your lag putting. To book a session call Robbie on One of the key factors that limits the range of the backswing is having really lat muscles in the shoulders.

Firstly kneel down in the prayer position. With the knees pointing forward, reach out your left hand as far over to the right side as possible. You will really feel a stretch in your let muscles. Hold the stretch for seconds or as long as is comfortable. Repeat on the other side. Do this exercise every day and you will notice a huge improvement in your backswing turn. Congratulations to John Kelly who performed brilliantly playing all four rounds at the Irish Open.

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The belly wedge is a great shot to have when your ball is nestled up against the collar of the rough surrounding the green. Top players often use this shot to extricate themselves from a tricky situation.

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Rather then hitting down on the ball as with a conventional shot, the belly wedge you hit the leading edge off the middle of the ball. It sends the ball out almost like a putt.

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To play the shot, grip right down to the end of the grip, just to make sure you are closer to the ball. Stand with the ball back in the stance, opposite your right foot. Now hovering the club off the ground you play the shot almost like a putt, rocking the shoulders back and fourth. A well executed belly wedge will see you make contact with the equator of the ball, making it run out like a putt. When it simply impossible to get your club under the ball, it is great to have this shot in your locker. Your glute muscle, or your backside muscle is the biggest muscle in your body and should be the strongest muscle.

But because of our everyday lives we spend a lot of time sitting and develop poor posture resulting in the glute muscle being forgotten about or switched off. This exercise teaches you how to isolate and fire, or switch on, your glute muscles independently of other muscles in your lower body. Knowing how to do this will help you build strength and stability in the lower body. Instructions: Lying flat on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the ground, place both hands on your glutes or backside.

Try to contract your right glute without engaging any other muscles, especially the hamstring. Hold for 5 to 10 seconds trying to squeeze as hard as you can. Repeat this on the left side and then on both sides together.

Doing this regularly will help you understand how to fire your glutes in the golf swing. If you struggle to get up and down out of sand then this drill will be invaluable for you. It will teach you how to set up to a bunker shot and give you the confidence to swing through the shot and achieve the correct strike. The first thing to do in the practice bunker is to draw a line with your club in the sand across the bunker. Now without even having a ball in front of you, practice your swing.

Do this by placing your left heel on the line, aim the feet and shoulders a little left of the target and set up the club as if the back of the face is almost sitting on the sand without actually touching it! Now practice the swing trying to take a divot starting just to the right of the line and continuing on through the line.

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Do this 10 to 20 times concentrating on the position of the divot. Rake the bunker and redraw the line now placing balls on the right side of the line. Repeat the swing, this time hitting the balls and you will soon master an altogether more consistent and effective method of hitting out of bunkers.

Having a strong core provided Rory McIlroy with a solid fulcrum that allowed him produce a strong repeatable golf swing in the pressure cooker environment of the US Open. However even finding your core, let alone toning it has been a challenge in itself for many. The exercise is called the plank. Facing down on a mat, raise your body with your forearms and toes so that your back is as straight as possible. Doing this exercise regularly will make your core the envy of everyone in your club!

One of the key shots you will see this week at Congressional is the plus yard long iron. Many amateurs nowadays are afraid to hit long irons and trust hybrids instead. They look at face of, say, a three iron and the lack of loft does not inspire confidence. Instead of committing to the shot and hitting down onto the ball, many people hang back and try to compensate for the lack of loft by scooping the ball into the air. To hit a long iron you need to trust the club and sweep the ball of the turf.

The key to doing this is good timing and tempo in moving the weight onto the right side during the takeaway and through onto the left side and a full balanced finish. When you have hit the ball, your right toe will be the only point of contact with the ground on that side, with all the weight on a strong straight left leg. A great tee shot to have on a windy day, especially when hitting into it, is a low trajectory penetrating drive that will kick forward on landing.

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When you are immersed in the middle of a few bad holes, your thoughts bounce back and forth from replaying bad shots to what your end score might be. Sometimes, you have to grind out the final few holes, but this is impossible if you think you are on the bogey train or when dwelling frustrated on the mistakes or bogeys. This week, Dr. Cohn helps parents and coaches understand the problems with trying to perform perfectly:. Do you suffer from fragile self-confidence after missed hits, playing with strict or high expectations that undermine confidence or the inability to play freely and relaxed on the course?

If you suffer from lack of focus, low self-confidence or other mental game obstacles on the course, you cant reach your true golf potential…. Cohn has helped me trust my game and putting stroke. Cohn, my golf game has improved since the very first time I landed on Peaksports. You gave me just enough information to improve immediately! After that, it was a mere no-brainer to become a Peaksports Subscriber!

Thank you for helping me improve my game and enjoyment — even overnight! You are right on! Master mental game coach Dr. Patrick Cohn can help you overcome your mental game issues with personal coaching.

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You can work with Dr. Call us toll free at or contact us for more information about the different coaching programs we offer! On a golf course where I had never scored better than 77, I scored a 73 in competition. I cannot believe the incredible inner work this simple session has produced on me and I would like to thank you again for that.