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All 12 of the members are local teenagers.

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The story is similar to I AM Productions in another way: everyone involved dove headfirst into the process. Stitching Up Detroit followed. The all-teen collective owns two four-station presses, which the members can use for independent commissions after a training period of several months. It may soon become a fully-independent cooperative business. The founders, who had previously worked for temp agencies and were scraping by, now make livable wages and hope to have 20 employees in the next five years. Grace in Action helps the businesses in three main areas: strategy feasibility work, marketing, business planning , back office services accounting, legal, invoicing , and skills training classes in coding, graphic design, cooperative incubation, and more.

It also acts as an office and workplace until the businesses are able to branch out.

In everything but name, the church is a business incubator. All of the businesses at Grace in Action started when a community member approached church leadership with an idea. That's one of the founding principles of Grace in Action—the shape of church would arise from the community itself. Church of the Messiah's first business was founded by a mother who was sick of working two jobs and had a tea recipe the community loved.

Now, Nikki's Ginger Tea is shelf stable and can be found at 50 stores across the state, including Whole Foods. Rising employment opportunities Brother Bob Malloy Not everyone can be an entrepreneur. But business incubation isn't the only way Detroit churches make an economic impact. Though a Franciscan order of the Roman Catholic Church, no one is denied a meal based on religion and no prayer is required. But perhaps more crucial to that mission are its businesses, which provide entrepreneurial and job skill training to its employees.

Earthworks Urban Garden , started in next to its Meldrum Street location, grows food for the meal program and its Thursday market. It also offers gardening classes and after-school programming for youth. The garden more recently started its Earthworks Training Program, or EAT, which is a nine-month intensive course for those interested in either starting their own urban agriculture business or working in the field. Students learn everything related to growing organic produce in a team-based environment, and several graduates have started their own businesses or farms after taking the course.

The bakery employs returning citizens and those in drug treatment through the ROPE program "Reaching Our Potential Everyday" , training them in both the soft skills of customer service and hard skills of baking. Throughout the course of the one-year program, the men live together at the ROPE house, where they receive counseling services in addition to employment. That's why we're constantly looking for ways to support independence beyond people coming here to eat.

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They're also hubs for the Equitable Internet Initiative, a program that will provide a powerful, 1 gigabit Wi-Fi connection to people in three neighborhoods the third is in the North End. All of these programs and startups emerged when church leaders listened to members of their congregations and communities. One item kept coming up as a persistent need: economic opportunity.

And if business support services aren't easily accessible in these neighborhoods, it doesn't matter if it's a church that's prividing that opportunity. Or, as Randolph says, "We're not waiting to make it happen. We're making it happen. All photos by Sean Work. Read more articles by Aaron Mondry. A critique of Will Kymlicka's theory of. Afrikaner Nationalism in Action: F. Erasmus and South Africa's Defence Forces — Demography, diversity and nativism in contemporary Africa: evidence from Uganda.

The independence jubilees: the politics and aesthetics of national commemoration in Africa. Have tropical Africa's nationalisms continued imperialism's world revolution by other means?

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When is a Nation not a Nation? Not forging nations but foraging for them: uncertain collective identities in Gran Colombia. Vulnerability and nationalism: the support for the war against Iraq in five established states. Masquerade politics: race, Islam and the scale of Amazigh activism in southeastern Morocco. German modernity, barbarous Slavs and profit-seeking Jews: the cultural racism of nationalist liberals.

The nation as an artichoke? A critique of ethnosymbolist interpretations of nationalism. Mapping the nation: street names and Arab-Palestinian identity: three case studies.

The cloak, the cage and the fog of sanctity: the Zionist mission and the role of religion among Arab Jews. Helping the enemy? Creating a country through currency and stamps: state symbols and nation-building in British-ruled Palestine. The symbolism of the Arab flag in modern Arab states: between commonality and uniqueness. If I forget thee, O Jerusalem: archaeology, religious commemoration and nationalism in a disputed city, — Which White Horse Temple? Visual culture in Brazil's First Republic — : allegories and elite discourse.

Anatomy of the national myth: archetypes and narrative in the study of nationalism. Gendered images of the German nation: the Romantic painter Friedrich Kersting and the patriotic-national discourse during the Wars of Liberation. The question of national identity and the institutionalisation of the visual arts in Grenada.

Constructions of Australia in pro- and anti-asylum seeker political discourse. Types of democracy and modes of conflict management in ethnically divided societies. Understanding processes of ethnic control: segmentation, dependency and co—optation in post—communist Estonia. Language, history and the nation: an historical approach to evaluating language and cultural claims.

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National identity and economic development: reiteration, recapture, reinterpretation and repudiation. Indifference towards national identity: what young adults think about being English and British.

The Basque power-sharing experience: from a destructive to a constructive conflict? The historical dynamics of ethnic conflicts: confrontational nationalisms, democracy and the Basques in contemporary Spain. Conflicting nationalist traditions and immigration: the Basque case from to Boundary mechanisms and symbolic resources: towards a process-oriented approach to national identity.

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Rehoboth Baster, Namibian or Namibian Baster? An analysis of national discourses in Rehoboth, Namibia. Ivoirian identity constructions: ethnicity and nationalism in the prelude to civil war. Diverse unity: creole contributions to interethnic integration in Guinea-Bissau. The civic zeitgeist: nationalism and liberal values in the European radical right. Fixing the Frontiers? Ethnography, Power Politics and the Delimitation of Albania, to The state as a symbol or a means to an end: internal border changes in multinational federations.

What can and cannot be willed: how politicians talk about national identity and immigrants. Partitioned identities? Everyday national distinctions in Northern Ireland and the Irish state. Nation and reproduction: immigrants and their children in population discourse in Italy.

The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy

Performing dialogical Dutchness: negotiating a national imaginary in parenting guidance. Nations Before Nationalism? Myth and symbolism in John Armstrong's perspective. Definitions of Turkish in-group boundaries: national participation and essentialism as predictors of inter-group attitudes in Turkey. Faith in China: religious belief and national narratives amongst young, urban Chinese Protestants. Repertoires of national boundaries in France and Germany—within-country cleavages and their political consequences. Part II: Playing for a draw — What is national self-determination? Nationality and psychology during the apogee of nationalism. The nation remembers: national identity and shared memory in television documentaries. Reading between the lines: national identity and attitudes to the media in Scotland. Seeking labour's aristocracy? Between the devil and the deep blue sea: nationality, power and symbolic trade-offs among evangelical Protestants in contemporary Northern Ireland.

National identity, allegiance and constitutional change in the United Kingdom. Losing the peace: Euroscepticism and the foundations of contemporary English nationalism.