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The language has roughly Old-Kannada inscription of c. A hardcover or hardback book is one bound with rigid protective covers. A typical hardcover book , showing the wear signs of a cloth cover over the hard paperboards. Chitradurga is a city and the headquarters of Chitradurga district which is located on the valley of the Vedavati river in the southern part of the Indian state of Karnataka.

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An opening in the rocks of Chitradurga fort that was used by Hyder Ali to send his soldiers. This attempt was defeated by Obavva. He was the eldest son of Sultan Hyder Ali of Mysore. Tippu's birthplace, Devanahalli. Mural of the Battle of Pollilur on the walls of Tipu's summer palace, painted to celebrate his triumph over the British.

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Fiction broadly refers to any narrative that is derived from the imagination—in other words, not based strictly on history or fact. It can also refer, more narrowly, to narratives written only in prose, and is often used as a synonym for the novel.


An illustration from Lewis Carroll 's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland , depicting the fictional protagonist , Alice , playing a fantastical game of croquet. A paperback, also known as a softcover or softback, is a type of book characterized by a thick paper or paperboard cover, and often held together with glue rather than stitches or staples. In contrast, hardcover or hardback books are bound with cardboard covered with cloth. Anchu means edge or boundary of something.

This novel deals with two main characters: one is an educated lady who is deceived in life, and another one is an professionally educated man who has lots of enthusiasm in life. Cover photo of publication of the novel. Saartha, which means Caravan, a novel written by novelist S. Basant Bahar, directed by Raja Nawathe, is a Indian film. This musical had nine outstanding songs, with lyrics written by Shailendra and Hasrat Jaipuri; and music composition by Shankar-Jaikishan.

Iyer, based on a novel by T. Kate Elizabeth Winslet, is an English actress. She is particularly known for her work in period dramas and tragedies, and is often drawn to portraying troubled women. Winslet at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Has Saudi spy chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan gone completely insane?

Peter Jackson gave Winslet her first film role as a teenage murderess in Heavenly Creatures Geneva is the second-most populous city in Switzerland and the most populous city of the Romandy, the French-speaking part of Switzerland. A view over Geneva and the lake. The Jura mountains can be seen on the horizon. Coat of arms of Geneva as part of the pavement in front of the Reformation Wall , Numerous cultures formed.

The arrival of Christopher Columbus in the year of started the European colonization of the Americas. Most colonies formed after It was built by the Adena culture. The Mayflower , which transported Pilgrims to the New World. During the first winter at Plymouth, about half of the Pilgrims died.

It is the seventh most populous city in Italy, at the heart of a metropolitan area of about one million people. The iconic Due Torri. Porta Maggiore, one of the twelve medieval city gates of Bologna.

Depiction of a 14th-century fight between the Guelf and Ghibelline factions in Bologna, from the Croniche of Giovanni Sercambi of Lucca. The strategic situation in Western Europe in , Frenchmen faced a coalition of about , soldiers on four fronts. Napoleon was forced to leave 20, men in Western France to reduce a royalist insurrection.

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The resurgent Napoleon's strategy was to isolate the Anglo-allied and Prussian armies and annihilate each one separately. The 1st Duke of Wellington , commander of the Anglo-allied army. The history of Egypt has been long and wealthy, due to the flow of the Nile River with its fertile banks and delta, as well as the accomplishments of Egypt's native inhabitants and outside influence.

Egyptian soldier of the Achaemenid army, circa BCE. Xerxes I tomb relief. Selim I — , conquered Egypt. The Liberty Head double eagle or Coronet double eagle is an American twenty-dollar gold piece struck as a pattern coin in , and for commerce from to Obverse of double eagle.

William Barber 's modifications left more room for the date.

When Ka'aba was held Hostage - 1979 Makkah Seige -

A cartoon from Puck magazine shows the gold standard, represented by the double eagle, triumphant over the silver. Rome also serves as the capital of the Lazio region. With 2,, residents in 1, km2, it is also the country's most populated comune. Roman representation of Tiber as a god , Capitoline Hill in Rome. Capitoline Wolf , sculpture of the mythical she-wolf suckling the infant twins Romulus and Remus.

Ichiro Suzuki, often referred to mononymously as Ichiro, is a Japanese former professional baseball outfielder who played 28 seasons combined in top-level professional leagues. Ichiro Suzuki at the World Baseball Classic A coin is a small, flat, round piece of metal or plastic used primarily as a medium of exchange or legal tender.

They are standardized in weight, and produced in large quantities at a mint in order to facilitate trade. An oxhide ingot from Crete. Late Bronze Age metal ingots were given standard shapes, such as the shape of an "ox-hide", suggesting that they represented standardized values. Coin of Alyattes of Lydia. The earliest inscribed coinage: electrum coin of Phanes from Ephesus , BC. Reverse: Two incuse punches, each with raised intersecting lines. Circa BC. Stonehenge , erected in several stages from c.

I - anonymous author and artists, Silver brooch imitating a coin of Edward the Elder, c.

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British Museum. Istanbul, formerly known as Byzantium and Constantinople, is the most populous city in Turkey and the country's economic, cultural and historic center. The first Galata Bridge in the 19th century. The park is adjacent to the Colorado River, 4 miles north of Moab, Utah.

Delicate Arch with background of La Sal Mountains. A panoramic view of the Tower of Babel in the Courthouse Towers area. The two locations received over two million visitors in The Getty attracts approximately 1.

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Architect Richard Meier chose beige-colored Italian travertine panels to cover the retaining walls and to serve as paving stones for the arrival plaza and Museum courtyard. Google Art Project. They were in two forms: Demand Notes, issued in —, and United States Notes issued in — Image of one dollar "Greenback", first issued in The Geneva Conference , President Dwight D.

Viet Cong with automatic weapons use leafy camouflage as they patrol a portion of the Saigon River in small boats. What is now France made up the bulk of the region known to the Romans as Gaul. After Durst was killed for his organs, Sulan grafted his face over his own in hopes of winning her affection, but Torres was disgusted and horrified.

Her anger helped her to break the bonds, and she attacked Sulan and escaped from the lab. Just as she and her Human half were about to beam back up to the ship, Sulan fired and the Klingon Torres jumped in front of the beam to save her Human self, dying in the process. His research was never completed. Another well illustrated German leaflet bears no code and depicts nine photographs of Indians receiving good medical care from German doctors and nurses on the front and back.

Some of the Indian troops and their regiments are named to make the leaflet seem more truthful and trustworthy. For instance, one patient is identified as number , Dhan Bahadur of the Gurkha Rifles. The text is in part:. These are your comrades who have been wounded. But why were they wounded? They were wounded because of their own foolishness.

They could have surrendered to the Germans. Germans never kill and prisoners of war and they treat the wounded very well.

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The names of each Indian soldier are given. This German leaflet depicts an Indian family thinking of their husband far away fighting the war. After bidding farewell to you, we kept on looking for you on the horizon. We even looked for you in the direction where we were not supposed to.

Indian Brothers! If you have a look at your situation, you will notice that your reunion with your dear ones is not just very difficult, but impossible. Thousands die everyday on the battlefield. Is it necessary that you also be one of them? No, certainly not! Why not to cross over to the German side whenever the opportunity arises?

Thousands of your Indian brothers are leading a comfortable life in prisoner-of-war camps. The war is over for them. At the end of the war, they will certainly return to their relatives and be happy.