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Labyrinth by Catherine Coulter. Game of Snipers by Stephen Hunter. Dangerous Man, A by Robert Crais. Russia Account, The by Stephen Coonts. Crooked Staircase, The by Dean Koontz.

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Buried Deep by T. Eighth Sister, The by Robert Dugoni. Rich Dad Poor Dad: 20th Ann Nanaville by Anna Quindlen. The Caffe Nero branch on Tottenham Court sits in splendid isolation, all that remains after a V2 hit a church, killing nine people. The church was rebuilt but the rest of the plot remains empty. There were lots of these bits of lands that were purchased by agencies perhaps for road-widening schemes that never happened.

Other sites were deliberately left derelict as memorials to the blitz, though even these have usually been touched by the busy hand of development. Christ Church on Newgate was destroyed by the December firestorm. At such a time the story of the blitz may begin to seem unreal not only to visiting tourists but to a new generation of Londoners. It is the purpose of war memorials to remind posterity of the reality of the sacrifices upon which its apparent security has been built.

These church ruins, we suggest, would do this with realism and gravity. Christ Church barely fulfils this remit. Its remains have been laid out as a neatly landscaped garden, overshadowed by the large Merrill Lynch building. In , two surviving walls were demolished in a road-widening scheme and in , neo-Georgian offices were added in imitation of the vestry — these currently house a dentist. Even the church tower has been transformed into a storey private home. The entire complex is a mess, but a very polite mess that evokes no great thoughts of human sacrifice; a campaign in to turn it into a more meaningful memorial was short-lived.

Columbia Market is a good example of how this process worked. On the first day of the blitz, a bomb hit a shelter in Bethnal Green, killing Columbia Market, where it hit, was a Victorian development founded by Angela Burdett-Coutts, a philanthropist and friend of Charles Dickens. It was a combination of market and social housing constructed in a dramatic neo-Gothic style.

Although the damage was repairable and the building was historically and architecturally significant, Columbia Market was demolished in It was replaced by a dismal modern tower block, named Old Market Square in a half-hearted nod to what was lost. Some planners think we conserve too much. In fact, the fate of Victorian buildings such as Columbia Market partly explains why postwar buildings are already being replaced — anything older has a conservation order slapped on it.

At any rate, conservationism arrived too late for Columbia Market, which now only survives as a section of railing outside a nursery. This is a thought echoed by Alan Lee Williams. The people really existed, as did the event, which made the story fascinating. For a nice diversion and an interesting mystery, give "The London Blitz Murders" a try.

Apr 28, Sally Sugarman rated it it was amazing. Two of my favorites together. I also think Agatha Christie has been under rated as a writer of mysteries. Yes, I figured out who did it fairly early on but Collins wasn't trying to outdo Christie, just to pay homage. There was also an opening night of one of Christie's plays and as a theatre goer, that was fun.

I also liked that when early in my reading I went to check the facts in the fact chapt Two of my favorites together. I also liked that when early in my reading I went to check the facts in the fact chapter that Collins has with all these books, there was a warning to the reader not to read that chapter until after finishing the book. Obediently, I went back to the mystery and enjoyed every minute of it.

The story was based on an actual case and the detective and Spilsbury were actually involved. Of course, they kept newspaper shy Christie's involvement a secret. Or at least that is what is fun to believe after reading the book. Collins does a great job describing war torn London. Dec 14, Bruce Dusterhoft rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

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I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was a good mixture of a fictional glimpse into the life of Agatha Christie with the tracking down of a serial killer. Agatha Christie is my favorite author, so it was interesting to see her in a story as a character.

A view of the British Library beside St Pancras hotel

I do have one quibble with the plot. That is where Agatha went to the suspect's lodging on her own, without telling any one. It doesn't seem likely that s I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It doesn't seem likely that she would do that. That is also a plot characteristic of Kathy Reichs in her "Bones" novels that I don't like.

In Agatha Christie's novels, Jane Marple doesn't put herself at risk without some back up safety plan in place. Still, I highly recommend this to those who like historical drama and crime solving. May 31, Stacy rated it did not like it Shelves: mystery. Sadly, I just didn't like this book at all. I've read 4 other books in this "Disaster" series and this one just doesn't fit. It strained far too much credibility and just felt like the author really wanted to write a book fawning over Agatha Christie.

Maybe if you adore Agatha Christie you'll find some enjoyment from this book, as I'm sure there were lots of insider homages. But for me, I just had to push through it and get it read - thankfully it was a short book. It was also annoying that he f Sadly, I just didn't like this book at all. Enjoyable mystery with Agatha Christie as the sleuth.

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Collins does a nice job of creating a character that seems very real and one could easily believe this was Agatha Christie. The mystery itself is a little lacking, with Collins keeping very close to the real events of the Blackout Ripper and it does go a little bonkers at the end - it was the one time in the book where I felt Agatha was doing something out of character - both for her and for a real person.

And the one clue that seemed to poin Enjoyable mystery with Agatha Christie as the sleuth. And the one clue that seemed to point her at the killer just seemed a little weak. But the characterizations and the feel of wartime London made up for the weak mystery plot.

Apr 30, Karen rated it really liked it. Collins' device of combining a historical situation with a contemporary mystery writer is very well done. The reader gets both a feel for wartime London and one of the most published writers in the world. The other main characters are also well-drawn.

Striking new images show how far London has come since the Blitz 75 years ago - Business Insider

The only reason I gave it four stars rather than five is that although possible motives the killer might have are referenced in the story, there's never any real explanation or even strong hints why the real killer did it. Well worth the time, thoug Collins' device of combining a historical situation with a contemporary mystery writer is very well done. Well worth the time, though! Jan 08, Mary Ann rated it it was amazing. This book is part fiction and part historical with the use of Agatha Christie Mallowan involved in the search for a killer Blackout Ripper.

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This part was true. Someone was attacking prostitutes during blackouts and murdering them. Agatha was not involved in the search for the Ripper. It was true that she and Sir Bernard worked together at the hospital, during the war. It was true that her play Ten Little Indians was performed during the war. Also, true, she wrote many novels during the war.