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There's some elementary platform jumping here, made more interesting by Alice's ability to shrink and grow at will. When shrunken, Alice can see things in Wonderland her full-sized self can't, like a series of invisible moving platforms or graffiti scrawled upon the walls, messages left to her by her friends in the London asylum.

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While Alice: Madness Returns doesn't appear to radically build upon the gameplay of American McGee's earlier game, it's the gorgeously realized world and developer Spicy Horse's interpretation of Alice In Wonderland's characters that are most appealing about this adventure. See more of Alice: Madness Returns in the gallery above.

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The A. Michael McWhertor.

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Alice: Madness Returns

Fucking post-modern or Victorian? Writing is sometimes like touring a fucking house and trying shit out.

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Often, you go where it takes you. That I can still do it. A lot of great moments. I think spending the summer in Seattle and starting the recording there was great. Especially with what we ended up calling it. It all made sense, it was us going home. We made the journey back to Seattle and camped out for the summer and laid down the tracks to this record.

Alice: Madness Returns

It was cool to pick up some of that flavor of just living there for a while. Living out in the woods in a fancy cabin.

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  • Then we recorded in three different places in L. I ended up recording a bunch in my house for my own personal stuff like vocals and solos. In all, we recorded parts of the record in five different locations. Naming a record can always be difficult.

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    Maybe everyone has their own different ideas. There were two basic frontrunners and we settled on Rainier Fog. It seemed to make sense to the majority of us. And the song on the record is fucking killer. All we have to worry about is writing a new batch of tunes and go through the process and hopefully hit that mark that we have to before we let the record get out. Shipping costs are non-refundable.

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