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Overall I think that Curley's wife is presented as flirtatious, lonely young woman who is not really happy where she is. The frivolous red mules she wears perhaps symbolise the life she would have liked to have. She is also presented as a threat to Lennie and George, and a source of gossip for the rest of the men. I think that sympathy for her is evoked in the reader though, because of her sad situation and cruel husband. What methods does Steinbeck use to present Curleys wife and the attitudes of other to her? And How Does Steinbeck present attitudes to women in the society in which the novel is set?

The novel Of Mice and Men is set in a very patriarchal society, a society in which men dominate women and use them for their own needs. Women, who lived within this society, were not seen equal to men. Steinbeck uses many different language techniques to describe Curleys wife. She plays a complex and misfit character in the novel and is made to sound like a tart as mentioned by George himself. Curley uses her for his own needs and controls her.

As Curleys wife walks through the bunk house, the rectangle of sunshine in the doorway was cut off, describing the fact that it goes dark, a sign of evil and danger. A very strong sense of foreboding is given and this continues throughout the text yet, getting stronger. Curleys wife is kept away from the men. A girl was standing Looking in. Curleys wife is standing at the doorway like theres an invisible barrier, preventing her from entering the mens dorm. This is because the men dont want her mixing in with them. They are afraid to talk to her as it would result in losing their jobs.

She is ostracised and excluded from the male fraternity. She knows her beauty is her power, and she uses it to flirt with the ranch hands and make her husband jealous. She is utterly alone on the ranch, and her husband has seen to it that no one will talk to her without fearing a beating. For this specific reason, Curleys wife uses Im lookin for Curley as a pick up line to get through to the other men even if it means getting a hello. She mentions this twice throughout the text.

Of Mice and Men

Once when shes talking to George and another when shes talking to Slim however, the men still keep their distance in fear of Curley. Because of her beauty, Lennies eyes move down over her body. Lennie finds her attractive and wants to touch her like he did to the girl in the red dress.

As mentioned in the beginning of the novel, the girl in the red dress was trouble for George and Lennie. This is creates an atmosphere of foreboding.

Unrest At The Ranch: A Chapter Book About Developing Character

Curley and his wifes relationship isnt very tight so for this reason, Curleys wife tries to seek companionship but goes about it the wrong by openly flirting and dressing to impress. She had full rouged lips and wide spaced eyes. Heavily made up. She covers her face in make-up and puts on an innocent look however it creates the thought shes seducing in the readers head.

As well as this, she uses a flirtatious but coy voice, her voice has a nasal, brittle quality. Brittle meaning fragile, proves that she talk the way she does for friendly attention.

Not just to gain sexual attention. As I have previously mentioned, Curleys wife has a very complex character in which she is, at some points, made to sound naive and at some points very seducing. To back up my point, during mid text, Curleys wife puts her hands behind her back and leaned against the door frame so that her body was thrown forward.

At this point, Curleys wife starts to seduce. She does this because, her pick up line didnt gain much attention from George as he simply replied, he was in here a minute ago, but he went. Curleys wife does so much for someone to talk to her but doesnt go about it the right way.

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On the other hand, Curleys wife has a lot of importance in the novel. At the beginning of the text, Steinbeck uses the colour red many times. In this particular piece of text, red isnt just an ordinary colour but has much more depth to.

Its repeated in the first paragraph thrice. Her finger nails were redand red mulesred ostrich feathers. Red is. However, red also represents the anger of a bull, which, relating back to the novel, attracts Lennie similar to the girl in the red dress. It also signifies love, impurity and desire, the type of attention Curleys wife is looking for.

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Yet, also, red in a traffic light, stop and look. As I previously mentioned, the novel was set in a patriarchal society. The women had no dignity and no rights to speak up for themselves or make their own decisions. Similarly, Curleys wife is treated with a very low level of respect and is isolated from the male society. She has no possession of her own name and is classified as a tart. The men dont try to talk to her because of the fear of Curley and the consequences they would face after. Finally, Curleys wife gets worried when she finds out that Curley went back to their house.

She was suddenly apprehensive and she scurried away. Curley likes to fight with big men, so if he finds out that his wife was in the bunk house with the big man, hell be sure to pick out a fight once he finds her. To conclude my essay, Curleys wife is treated like a no one and has no importance in the eyes of the men. She is treated similar to Candy and Crooks like shes good for nothing and only good to be used as a toy.

Steinbeck indirectly mentioned the rights of women and discrimination in this novel through the way Curley treats his wife and the way the men are scared to talk to her. How does Steinbeck present Curleys wife? Curleys wife presented in a complicated way.. She is ambiguous in some sense. Dangerous: both men glanced up for the rectangle of sunshine in the doorway was cut off. She had full rouged lips and wide-spaced eyes, heavily made up. Red, foreshadowing danger. Vulnerable: heavily made up. Hiding domestic violence. Outlet for feelings, only thing she has control over. Wants attention because she is neglected by Curley.

I dont like Curley. She is a possession to Curley. She puts her hands behind her back leaned against the door frame so that her body was thrown forwards. She is acting provocatively towards George and Lennie because she thinks that she can het their attention that she is lacking from her marriage. She closes off after she gets some attention from people especially Lennie because this is not what she wanted.

She looks at her fingernails which shows that she is not interested. She is commented in a derogatory way by the men. Steinbeck wants to teach people that we shouldnt judge women. They think that she is immature and irresponsible. She is presented as spiteful and ungrateful in the middle of the novella by the way she treated other minor characters such as the black guy.

A bunch of bindlestiffs-a nigger an a dum-dum and lousy ol sheep. She is annoyed at how she is being treated by the other minor characters which lead her to this outbreak. She is worked up because she discriminates crooks by what she immediately sees. She repeats and and this fractures her sentences. Curleys neglected lead to her ability to act rational being affected. Exasperated and anguished by her own self because she likes talking to people. Women were treated worse than lowly ranch workers.

Desperate and lonely way. Also relies on the American dream because she goes on multiple times about her dream to be a singer.

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She likes to be in the spotlight. Tumbled suggests that she is overwhelmed at the attention she is receiving from Lennie. Flowing out, hurried for her story to. Afraid of Lennie neglecting her like Curley did. Curleys wife is demanding and childish.

She has restrictions from her husband. Acting like a child and questioning why. Confiding in Lennie because he has a low IQ level which means that he cannot tell everyone her secrets, hopes and dreams.